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TherapyWorks Academy
TherapyWorks Academy is a mental health, counseling and coaching academy. With the current mental health crisis, mental health professionals are in a shortage. TWA offers coaching certifications, classes, workshops, and intensives. Offering both continuing education for the seasoned professional and certification programs for those who want to enter the field.

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The Sex Positive Academy (SPA) is an educational community devoted to the education and advocacy of positive sexuality, healthy relationships, and intimacy. Our center consists of workshops, events, classes, seminars a multimedia resource library. We work with relationship, sexuality, kink, mental health, and legal professionals and experts from all over the world.
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We are 50 shades of the rainbow…..

A therapist who is Kink Aware recognizes that BDSM, Polyamory, Swinging and other alternative sexual and lifestyle practices are part of the normal sexual spectrum and is able to distinguish healthy sexual play from non-consensual abuse. Kink Aware Therapists (KAT) have additional postgraduate training about alternative sexual expression via, books, articles, continuing education, seminars, websites, etc. KATs are aware what constitutes safe and unsafe play (acknowledging of course that different people have different standards for that). KATs are aware of the roles and role expectations of those who participate in alternative sexual expression lifestyles.

  • Part 1: POINT LOCATION: Through a series of quick and to-the-point videos (no pun intended…sorta!) you’ll learn all the point names and how to identify their locations on the ear.
  •  Part 2: POINT FUNCTION: In these videos you’ll review location and dive deep into each point’s unique function – what purpose they achieve when stimulated, when it could be used, and what it might be used in conjunction with…
  •  Part 3: AURICULAR DIAGNOSIS: (My Favorite!) I will share with you my own personal library of ear photosand LIVE case-study videos and you will learn how to identify a variety of health conditions just by observing the ear, including tinnitus, vision disorders, headaches, hemorrhoids, digestive issues, hip pain, knee pain, back pain, teeth problems and so much more!

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Created for Professional Coaches and others with Coaching skills seeking a Specialty in Addiction Recovery, including Counselors, Therapists, and Managers who want to serve a growing client base. In-depth training on the Neuroscience behind Joyful Recovery, Professional Recovery Coach Competencies, and Family Issues in Recovery.




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