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Harmony-Arion Relationship Tools
HART Academy
The Harmony-Arion Relationship Tools Academy (HART) is an innovative methodology developed by Michael Holler and Patsy Evans. Its foundation combines the wisdom of Transactional Analysis, The Gottman Method, and our combined 30 years of clinical experience.
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Balanced Resolutions Academy
The Balanced Resolutions Academy (BRA) is a business, leadership, and business psychology academy. BRA offers soft skills, leadership, team building and human resource academy. Our classes, workshops, and intensives are available on campus, via webinar, or onsite.
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TherapyWorks Academy
TherapyWorks Academy is a mental health, counseling and coaching academy. With the current mental health crisis, mental health professionals are in a shortage. TWA offers coaching certifications, classes, workshops, and intensives. Offering both continuing education for the seasoned professional and certification programs for those who want to enter the field.

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The Sex Positive Academy (SPA) is an educational community devoted to the education and advocacy of positive sexuality, healthy relationships, and intimacy. Our center consists of workshops, events, classes, seminars a multimedia resource library. We work with relationship, sexuality, kink, mental health, and legal professionals and experts from all over the world.
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