Coconut Oil and Silicone Sex Toys

The world is divided on their feelings about coconut oil as lube, but I didn’t know that people truly believed that coconut oil and silicone sex toys were incompatible. It doesn’t work well as a lube for everyone; it’s not the perfect lube (there isn’t one perfect lube). But it does work well for many […]

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Mistakes That Tear Relationships Apart

3 Mistakes That Can Tear Your Relationship Apart

All relationships are vulnerable to toxic mistakes that can create hurt, pain and even lead to separation. Even strong and healthy relationships are susceptible to leading two people apart.

Below are three mistakes that should be avoided at all cost.

The first is to avoid in your relationship is living independent lives.

In life, we start of dependent on others, then we transition to an independent state, and lastly a state of interdependent. The state of interdependent is when two people share a life together. It takes place when partners are working closely together to nourish their relationship and each other.

The mistake that requires avoiding is that in not reaching the state of interdepend.

Often, people who are overachievers or likely to not need help may be prone to remaining an independent. These individuals may find that much of their life is devoted to areas outside of the relationship.

To avoid this mistake, take time to evaluate the following questions:

  • What is the number one priority in the relationship?
  • How many hours of the day are dedicated to relationship building?
  • At the end of the week do you feel your relationship is a priority?

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