Coronavirus: The Other Shoe & Herbal Preparedness


So, the United States (along with the rest of the world) has been under quarantine for several weeks. In some areas, infection rate curves for COVID-19, our fancy new coronavirus are flattening out a bit. That's good. In other areas, they continue to climb. The intent of this national quarantine was, so far as I understand it, to spread out the infection rate a bit so that everyone in the country didn't catch it the same week and overwhelm hospital resources. This may have been a very good idea...time will tell. Unfortunately, at some point the other shoe will have to fall and we are all going to have to leave our homes, re-open our businesses and go back to work, school etc...

Then what happens? 

Well, then we get COVID-19. 

Unfortunately, this virus isn't going to go extinct while we sit at home for a month or two watching Netflix. It will still be there when we all come back out. 

So what do we do? 

Well, my advice is that those at high risk should remain in quarantine for longer. This will allow the rest of us to catch COVID-19, get through it and not give it to them later. This is called "herd immunity". When the majority of a population develops antibodies to a virus, at-risk folks are less likely to be infected by others because the others have all had it already.

And what about the rest of us?...The regular folks that are going to step out into world and get infected so that herd immunity can become established? Well, we would be very wise to get prepared. 

So, how do we prepare? We prepare by eating a healthy diet...I know, I know, Netflix fare just seems more palatable with a bowl of ice cream or potato chips sitting on our belly but our immune systems are going to need something better.

In addition to cleaning up our diet, we can also stimulate our immune systems with herbs beautifully created for just that purpose. Many herbs are masters of immune stimulation and support. During my years of teaching and doing plant walks, I've heard numerous stories of how local Native American tribes fared much better during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic than their Gringo neighbors.


Because the Native Americans were using medicinal plants to bolster their immune systems and kill the virus. 

Those same plants (Lomatium, Elder, Echinacea, Chaga, etc...) and a hundred others have been right here, ready to help us for the past 100 years since the last pandemic, patiently waiting for us to notice them and to use them for the purposes for which they were divinely designed. 

I've had the privilege over the past couple of decades of getting intimately acquainted with these wonderful botanical allies. They have become my enduring friends and have helped my family and thousands of my clients and patients through some pretty tough scrapes.

I am very interested in helping you to get prepared for the falling of "the other shoe". To that end I've markedly decreased the cost of the HomeGrown Herbalist School. My school has always been markedly less costly than most other programs. Many are charging up to $5000 and are not beginning to offer what we offer. But I have always been of the opinion that it is better to produce ten herbalists than one herbalist for the same money. I hope you'll give some serious reflection to the idea that you may someday be in a position to need to understand the use and application of medicinal plants to bless others and even save lives. I think this world is going to need you. 

The HomeGrown Herbalist School

Cabin Fever Sale

I've also put together a Respiratory Preparedness Kit that contains all of the formulas I use for myself and my own family during these exciting times. Again, the kits are priced lower than typical market value so that folks can get their hands on what they need. I hope you'll avail yourself of that opportunity as well. 

The kit comes with everything one needs to do battle with respiratory complaints of all kinds and comes with full instructions on the various formulas. 

There is a link to the instructions for the kit on the product page, some of you may already have a good supply of herbs. Have a look at the instructions and the formulas and make your own if that's easier for you. If you don't want to make your own here's the easy button:

Respiratory Preparedness Kit. 

So, get yourself and your family prepared for facing the exciting times ahead. Do your part so that the other shoe falling can be a step forward rather than a kick in the pants. 


Be safe and Be well,

Doc Jones



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