The Harmony-Arion Relationship Tools is an innovative methodology developed by Michael Holler, Wendi Nicki Line,  and Dr. Patsy Evans. Its foundation combines the wisdom of Transactional Analysis, The Gottman Method, Power Exchange, and our combined 30 years of clinical experience.This academy offers classes, workshops, and intensives that teach progressive mental health, communication, and intimacy techniques and interventions. This program is designed to serve licensed professionals, individuals, couples, and those who desire entry-level work in the field.

HART Level I Certification

Introduction to the HART

Class Hours: 6

The level one training of the Harmony Arion Relationship Tools (HART) course introduces the Gottman Sound Relationship House, Evans Tower of Power, and the ego states and game theory of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis theory (Gottman & Gottman). Clinicians will learn the basics of teaching self-love, the 3 Cs (choice, consent, and contracts), and utilizing the Karpman Triangle in sessions (Wienhold & Weinhold, 2014). Level one will show the how the combination of the above theories allow for a deeper connection in all relationships including alternative ones such as power exchange and polyamory (Evans, 2017).

Price: $150

HART Level II Certification

HART to HART Connection

Class Hours: 12

The level two training of the Harmony Arion Relationship Tools (HART) course reviews level one and focus on the connecting tools for relationships. Love mapping, strategic family planning, making dreams come true, and creating a shared meaning provide a road map for the clients connection (Gottman & Silver, 2015 ; Evans, 2017). The HART connection tools go to the root of relationship issues by discussing trust, commitment, vulnerability, and expectations (Evans, 2017; Gottman, Gottman, Abrams, Abrams, 2019). After becoming vulnerable and knowing expectations the relationship can work on creating a new contract that combines dreams and brings a sense of purpose through connection to answer the questions: What is your mission and What will be your legacy? (Evans, 2017; Gottman & Silver, 2015),

Price: $300

HART Level III Certification

Mend My Broken HART

Class Hours: 12

The level Three HART certification is all about rupture and repair in a relationship (Gottman & Silver, 2015).  Along with a review of levels one and two this course provides insight on how to argue, collaborate, and self soothe during difficult discussions. Gottman (2015) states each relationship will have its own perpetual issues and it is how the individuals in the relationship discuss and turn towards each other will make or break the bond. Level Three goes more in-depth with the Karpman triangle and how to exit using the Adult Ego of Transactional Analysis (Berne, 1996; Weinhold & Weinhold, 2017). Another important skill taught in this course is for individuals to know how to autopsy an argument and how to repair (Gottman, Gottman, Abrams, & Abrams, 2019).

Price: $300

HART Level IV Certification

Strategies for Maintaining HART Health

Class Hours: 12

The level Four HART certification is an advanced certification is where we bring all the tools together in practice, observation, and collaboration. New strategies and new tools for relationship health maintenance are also discussed in this hands on workshop.

Price: $300

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