Enrollment Open for Kink Aware Therapist Training 2017 for Medical
and Sex Professionals

Tampa, Florida, October 7, 2016 – Love is in the air, and for medical professionals who wish to expand their expertise to include alternative sexual practices and relationships, the Kink Therapy Certification Institute has announced the schedule for its 2017 Kink Aware Therapist Training course. The course is conducted by international speaker and advocate for polyamory, the kink community and abused men, Dr Patsy Evans, also known as Dr Harmony.

The Kink Aware Therapist Training course is designed for students who are sex educators, sexuality resource managers or medical professionals. Covering a broad range of topics, the course offers fundamentals of various alternative sexual and relationship expressions that come up in medical or therapeutic practices. The course will enable students to understand the ethnographic concepts of kinky and alternative relationships, communities and their role, as a medical provider, in their care.

After completing the course, medical professionals will be able to identify as Kink Aware and Kink Knowledgeable. Among other things, the course will allow participants to understand the difference between healthy kink and pathology, learn therapeutic interventions and common issues related to BDSM, polyamory, swinging, asexual, fetish and other kinky clients, and the related ethical and legal issues. The course topics include kink communities and culture, ethical monogamy, power exchange and D/S relationships, kinky laws, rules and ethics, etc.

Dr. Harmony is a well known mental health counselor and clinical sexologist, who specializes in kink culture and sexuality, relationship counseling, sex positive therapy, traumatology, and holistic psychotherapy. The Kink Aware Therapist Training course for 2017 will be held between February 21– October 18, 2017 at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology campus, Miami, or via webinar. The program has limited seats and offers various payment plans, and a 50% off of supervision and priority admission for students of the International Institute of Clinical Sexology.


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No More Shame: It’s Time That Parents Gave “The Talk” To Their Kids, Free Of Guilt

LOCATION/DATE – The generation reaching its preteen and teen years during what is already the second decade of the 21st is facing a wave of exposure to not only innuendo, but explicitly sexually-related material through a stunning amount of platforms. TV, the internet and social media minimally filter what is broadcast, while, when it comes to the Internet, setting usage boundaries for children is still terra incognita for many parents.

Patsy Evans, widely known as Dr. Harmony, has decided to pen No More Shame: Talking to kids about sex in a sex positive way, to assuage parents’ fears, and provide them with invaluable strategies on how to maintain an open line of communication with their children on matters surrounding sex.

Dr. Harmony advocates that parents should be in charge of their child’s sexual education. As their primary caregivers, parents should dispense crucial information on matters of sexual health, while maintaining a positive attitude towards sexuality.

Placing emphasis on of dispelling myths and promoting the parent-child dialogue, Dr. Harmony stresses the importance of clearing any misunderstandings and doing away with the harmful effects of misinformation, which the child might have received through peers or other means.

Throughout the book, Dr. Harmony maintains that parents should forge a strong bond of trust with their kids, making them feel that they can turn to them for advice on the any issue surrounding sexuality, instead of relying on external sources which may ultimately be troublesome, if not worrisome.

Nevertheless, Dr. Harmony does not underestimate the importance of relaying parents’ beliefs and expectations through their efforts of educating their children about sexuality. This way, not only do both parents and children not only feel comfortable with the process, but also parents can rest assured that their principles and expectations have been clearly laid out.

No More Shame: Talking to kids about sex in a sex positive way is a must-have resource for parents of children of all ages. The book has already gained a wide readership, while more press coverage of the book is expected across several media platforms.


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