Grievance Policy

IACCCE strives to provide the best customer service and educational experience for every student; however, we also note that grievances occur that cannot be resolved via informal procedures. Every student has the right to procedural due process during the grievance and appeal procedure.

Grievances which are substantiated by allegations of capriciousness, arbitrariness, discriminatory treatment and/or are contrary to the class syllabus, may be submitted to [email protected] by the student, in writing, within ten (10) working days from the date of the action or omission involved and after the informal proceedings have been exhausted.

The Grievance Panel, Jason Denis, Michael Holler, and Jim Evans will review the complaint and make a decision on how to proceed and resolve the complaint. The student will be notified within (10) working days of a final decision. Should the grievance be valid, the student will be offered the option to take the course at a later time or be granted a refund, of the course cost, minus any nonrefundable course deposit/administration fees to hold their seat. Refunds will be dispersed by corporate check within 21 days of approval.

If the student is dissatisfied with the resolution, they may file an appeal with [email protected] The IACCCE grievance board will select an arbitrator to review and make a decision on the appeal. The student will be notified within (10) days of the arbitrating agreement.

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