update: my coworker is in quarantine with pay — and doing deliveries on the side

It’s a special “where are you now?” season at Ask a Manager, when I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past.

Remember the letter-writer whose coworker had been exposed to COVID-19, was in quarantine with pay, and made a pharmacy delivery to the letter-writer’s door? Here’s the update.

My uncle and I are both in self-quarantine. So is everyone else who works on my floor.

The pharmacy delivering is new. They only started offering it when the pandemic hit (believe me, my uncle is still spry but he would have definitely taken the delivery if it was an option before). Additionally, the delivery hours (8am to 5pm) conflict with our work schedule (9am to 5pm). There is no way Lisa could have been working there before she went on leave. Home delivery had barely begun before she went off work. Lisa wasn’t working any second job before she went off on leave. Our leave is paid at 100 per cent, she was not losing her salary. Our work is considered important and essential and our office is running at normal capacity with precautions taken, such as no/low physical contact between floors and areas and is not closed. I’m on paid leave now.

I had discreetly told my boss about Lisa, as well as the tip line my local public health unit had set up for things like this. A week and a half later a short company-wide email was sent out stating Lisa no longer works here. My boss hasn’t said anything and I didn’t ask but people were speculating about why Lisa was let go.

My uncle also received an email from the pharmacy saying that on one recent occasion the person who delivered his medication had been exposed to COVID-19 and ignored orders to quarantine. The date was the same one Lisa did the delivery. He was given a refund for that day, advised to take precautions since he was possibly exposed and there was an assurance the person was terminated and the pharmacy was fully co-operating with public health.

Lisa doesn’t have kids and lives alone but she exposed many others. Public health advised us to quarantine because we were possibly exposed. My co-workers know I was possibly exposed by a delivery person but I haven’t said anything about being Lisa. I’m angry at her but I don’t want to gossip. So far, my uncle and I are healthy and I hope it stays that way.

(I don’t know why commenters were saying it could have not been her or was a case of mistaken identity. I was clear that it was her, there was no doubt about it.)

update: my coworker is in quarantine with pay — and doing deliveries on the side was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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