Admission Information

All IACCCE applicants must register for an online student portal account at LINK HERE.

Individual classes, prerecorded streaming courses, and personal enrichment workshops will not require a formal application process and can be purchased immediately upon registration.

Professional Certification and Apprenticeship Programs will require that all students formally apply via the student portal.

Please submit the completed application and upload a PDF copy of a valid form of ID, a curriculum vitae or resume, and copies of any professional licenses or certifications.

We would ask for a personal and professional reference that we may send a survey to.

The IACCCE Admissions Committee considers all applicants for admission on the basis of their academic record, personal and professional accomplishments, motivation, talents, recommendation, personal statement, and test results, as applicable.

All applications will be initially reviewed by the Admissions Committee and a recommendation for acceptance to the next step within 7 days of applying.

Once approved, the applicant will respond in writing to interview questions regarding past training, clinical experience, how the education will be used, and any other information relevant to the applicant’s ability to successfully complete the program.

If any Committee member deems an applicant unacceptable, she/he will submit their rationale in writing and a meeting will be called for discussion and recommendations.

The applicant will be notified in writing within thirty (30) days of the application as to their acceptance into the program of their choice.

If the Committee decides that an applicant is unacceptable, but the reason is correctable, the applicant will be given the opportunity to correct their application and resubmit. If it is decided that the applicant is unacceptable or not likely to successfully complete the program, the applicant will be informed in writing and able to reapply in a year provided the reasons for non-acceptance are reversible.

All required application materials, including official graduate transcripts, must be submitted to the Office of Admissions within 30 days of the interview. All documents become the sole property of IACCCE and cannot be forwarded to another institution or returned to the applicant.

The rubric for assessing a student’s method of assessing a student’s appropriateness for their applied program includes the following:

  1. A non-refundable one-time application processing fee of $150 US currency
  2. Completion of required documentation as requested in the application and the admissions team
  3. Interview Scores
  4. Completion of School Orientation Course and Consent Course
  5. Additional information, references or portfolio requests as requested by the committee

Upon Acceptance

Admissions will need to be received within 30 (thirty) days:

  1. Completed enrollment and signed program commitment agreement
  2. Meet with the admissions team to establish your financial agreement

2018- 2023 Admissions Committee Members

Jason Denis

Jim Evans

Wendy Line

Meredith Evans

Michael Holler

Fees and Tuition

Fee Per Course Hour:  

Workshop and Intensive Fees: Contact us for a quote.

Certification and Apprenticeship Program Fees: 

Included in fees:

  • Access to a Corporate Health, Discount, and Diverse Benefits Plan• 1 Year
  • Membership to Sanctuary Center with Mental and Health and Sexuality Library Access
  • Lifetime Case Consultation
  • Invitations to private listservs and social networking groups
  • Special rates, priority seating, and access to future programs
  • Invite only networking events and free refresher and updated courses
  • Supervision Fees
  • Administrative and Technology Fees
  • Graduation Fees
  • Technology Fees
  • Free lifetime listings in specialized directories


At IACCCE, you not only gain a quality specialized education, you gain a lifetime community

M. Holler

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