Reactive Vs. Proactive: The Philosophical Dichotomy of Health Care

A few months ago I wrote a blog article called The Turf War and Idealogical Tribalism. It expressed my thoughts on the importance and value of both modern medicine and traditional medicine and how both sides would do well to be more open minded and cooperative. 

I mention this to emphasize that my intent in expressing the ideas of this article isn’t to bash the medical profession. My point is to illustrate one aspect of traditional medicine that is different….



Simon & Garfunkel: A tale of Dietary Indiscretions & Herbal Intervention At Scarborough Fair!

In the early seventies musicians Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were at the peak of their career. They were traveling a lot and performing all over the country. As inevitably happens, their chaotic and careless lifestyle lead to choices that woul…


I Can Do WHAT With A Tincture?!

Many years ago I was in bed with my wife. She had a sore shoulder. In fact, it was so sore it was making it really hard for ME to sleep. She was tossing and turning and fussing all night. At about three in the morning, she got up to use the r…


Miracle Max R.I.P.

I got word this week that an old friend of mine passed away. Max was a Labrador retriever cross that came to me as a youngster years ago after suffering a horrific wound on his leg. He had three options, amputation, euthanasia…or a miracle….


The Cat, The Car & The Little Brown Bottle

This Article Contains Graphic Wound Images.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

Meet Reggie. He’s one of those cats you just have to love. He’s a neutered male about three years old. He has a really great, laid back personality. He lives …


Leaky Gut, Food Sensitivity & Autoimmune Disease


To really understand leaky gut you have to understand one principle;
The inside of your intestines is outside of your body.
Look at the picture above as an illustration of how this works. In the picture, there is a pipe passing through an…


What the Heck Is A Cytokine?…Or, How To Survive a Flu Pandemic!

Between 1918 and 1920 an estimated 500 million people contracted an influenza virus no one had seen before. Debate as to its origins continue to this day. Some hypothesize that it started in the Far East. Others say the first case was in Kansas …


The Lessons Of Xunantunich

This past January an unusual thing happened…My wife and I took a vacation!
For the past couple of decades, I’ve been the Lone Ranger in my veterinary practice. My wife is also flying solo in her midwifery practice. So when I heard the word Vac…


Breathe Easy!

One day, decades ago, I was pregnancy checking a couple of hundred holsteins in a blizzard. It was a really cold, miserable day but at least one arm was warm (one of the few perks of being a dairy vet). On that particular day I was coughing my brains out. It seemed I’d been coughing like that for as long as I could remember that winter and I felt lousy. On the way home from the dairy I stopped in to see the doctor who’s office was across the street from my house…Old Doc.

Doc was a great guy and a brilliant diagnostician but his rough bedside manner was the stuff of local legends. He put a stethoscope on my back and told me to breathe. I did so…sort of.

Well, ya got pneumonia.” he said. “I’ll get you some meds. Go home and go to bed for a week.”

Oh, I can’t do that I’ve got to work” I replied smiling.

He looked at me briefly, his face completely dead pan and announced matter of factly, “Well…you’ll die.” and left the room to see his next patient.



Dowsing, Digging & Dosing

About twenty five years ago I was on a dairy vaccinating a bunch of calves. While I was working, I noticed about 10 men standing together leaning on shovels. I knew most of the guys. So, after I finished up with the calves, I went over to give them a hard time just for fun.

What are you guys doing?” I asked “Trying to figure out how many guys it takes to not dig a hole?

They laughed and then pointed to a man that was walking around a large gravel parking lot with a couple of bent coat hangers in his hands.

We’re waiting for him to find the pipe so we can dig it up.

I stared at them…they actually looked serous. So I waked out to the guy with the a hangers and asked him what he was doing…


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