Brain Preps: What The Mutant-Biker-Zombies (…and politicians) Can Never Steal!*

More than ever before, people are realizing that things can change. Recent events have shown the fragility of our normal lifestyle of ease and abundance.

Historically, people have often taken measures to prepare for difficult times. Whether that preparation involves a few extra cases of canned goods in the pantry or a complete bug-out bunker buried at an undisclosed location, the fact is that every physical preparation we can make is potentially prone to damage or loss. 

What if we are traveling in Ohio when the poo hits the fan and our buried bunker is in Wyoming?

What if the mutant-Biker-Zombies steal our goodies?

What if our basement floods?

Or, what happens when (not if) the government calls the prepared folks “Evil Hoarders” and confiscates stored food and resources to distribute to their unprepared neighbors? 

It’s a sobering thought. But there is good news! 

Science has shown that it is almost impossible, except during brief periods of their adolescence, for humans to be separated from their brains. That’s right, the Mutant-Biker-Zombies, the starving masses and even the government can’t take away what’s in your head. 

There’s a common TV add for some credit card company that asks “What’s in your wallet?” I think a more important question is “What’s in your brain?

What knowledge do you posses that could make the difference between an empty belly  and a full one if food resources are scarce? What knowledge do you have that could make the difference between sickness and health if there were no medicines or an urgent care center on every corner? 

When you look at a vacant lot full of weeds, what do you see?

If your answer is “A vacant lot full of weeds“, your’e missing a golden opportunity. What if you could look at that vacant lot full of weeds and see food and medicine for your family…abundant food and medicine.

I used to have a simple life. I had a nice little family…well OK, it was a nice enormous family…a nice yard and a nice little veterinary practice. I took care of cows and dogs and kitties and whatever other critters came through the door. 

Then one day I had a case I couldn’t help…a dog dying of liver failure. Through a series of coincidences, I got my hands on an herbal remedy from a man who would become a great friend and mentor, Mickey Young. The dog recovered miraculously and nearly immediately once started on the herbs. That case changed the trajectory of my life. 

Since then, I have been anxiously engaged in what I think to be a great cause. I have been driven by evangelical zeal to teach others about these amazing plants. I’ve written books, given countless lectures, posted YouTube videos and even started an online school of herbal medicine. 

I’ve recently written a new book on Medicinal Weeds. I’ve also updated my original book The HomeGrown Herbalist. The new version has new plants, lots of photos and a complete index. Have a look.

Doc’s New Books

I also encourage you to have a look at the HomeGrown Herbalist School. Similar schools are selling for ten times the price. Why is ours so inexpensive by comparison? Simple, I’d rather make ten herbalists than one.

Those schools weren’t written by a practicing veterinarian and traditional naturopath with two practices (one for dogs…one for folks that are sick as a dog) that spends all day in the trenches treating everything from gunshot wounds to rattlesnake bites to autoimmune disorders and every other condition you can imagine using weeds and flowers growing on his property.

The HomeGrown Herbalist School

Cabin Fever Sale

We’re currently having a ridiculous sale on the school. Now is the time to enroll. The sale ends this weekend.

So, do some prepping with something that can never go bad, get flooded or get stolen by zombies or politicians (yes…there’s a difference…but that’s a topic for another blog). Invest in your mind so that the next time you walk past a vacant lot full of weeds you see food, medicine and even financial opportunity.  

Be well and be happy,

Doc Jones
*Disclaimer: I’ve just been informed that zombies eat brains…so the title of this article may be misleading. Apologies for any confusion. You should still be safe from politicians as they typically have little interest in brains. 
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