Life and Recovery

Life Coaching is about Healthy Change and helping people to envision and achieve the life they desire. Coaching is focused on the future and moving from the present situation to a desired future grounded in purpose and meaning.

Coaches are NOT therapists or counselors who diagnose emotional problems. Coaching is based on the belief that people are creative, resourceful, resilient and able to make authentic choices about their lives. Coaches provide a trustworthy partnership; how do they do this….? They create a safe space, become genuinely curious, use powerful questions, listen deeply, reflect back what they hear.

Coaches expand awareness to help their clients explore choices and results based on new insight and perspectives. Coaches provide structure and accountability to help their clients clarify and build on their own internal motivations for positive life change, and celebrate successes!

Our Life Coaching Essentials Program is based in Positive Psychology with a focus on our strengths, on our future, on our possibilities, on meaning, and challenging false assumptions. Our training and certification will give you the know- how and the confidence you need to provide excellent Professional Coaching to your clients.

Life Coaching Essentials incorporates the Core Competencies of the International Coach Federations (ICF). You will learn to:

  • Guide people through a Dynamic Coaching Process from start to finish.
  • Set the Foundation for Coaching Relationships using a formal Coaching Agreement.
  • Understand and Apply Ethical Practices and Standards.
  • Co-create a Meaningful Coaching Relationship built on Trust and Respect.
  • Develop your own Personal Coaching Presence and Style.
  • Communicate effectively through Deep Listening and Powerful Questions.
  • Create Awareness and Deepen Insight to help clients Clarify their Purpose.
  • Facilitate Results by Assisting Clients to design goals, plans and actions.
  • Provide Meaningful Accountability in the context of Celebrating Success.
  • Launch Your Own Coaching Practice using Winning Strategies to Fit Your Style.

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Certified Addiction and Recovery Coach 

Created for Professional Coaches and others with Coaching skills seeking a Specialty in Addiction Recovery, including Counselors, Therapists, and Managers who want to serve a growing client base. In-depth training on the Neuroscience behind Joyful Recovery, Professional Recovery Coach Competencies, and Family Issues in Recovery.

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Life Coaching is about freedom, the future and a fresh perspective.

Recovery is often about past struggles and old stories.

When you combine Life Coaching with Recovery you’re having a Possibilities Conversation.

This Package Includes TWO credentials: Professional Recovery Coaching and Professional Coaching.

The Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification Program

A 150-hour online course with an optional 2 day hands-on intensive that shows you step-by-step how to make the most of the holistic healthcare revolution. This course, designed by a respected expert and leader in the field, gives you the tools to create a dynamic career in a rapidly growing, high-demand field with a critical shortage of qualified practitioners. With personalized mentoring and training, learn how to help others transform their mind, body and spirit with an approach that treats the whole person. Our unique and exciting 150-hour program can be completed in 9-12 months.

Click here to download the program syllabus.

Mind-Gut Guru

Groundbreaking new studies in the Mind-Gut Connection make this field of specialization invaluable for holistic wellness practitioners. The Microbiome aka gut bacteria outnumber the human body’s cells 10 to 1The brain, the gut and the trillions of microorganisms living in the gut communicate with each other. Obesity, low immune response, mood disorders and skin conditions can all be linked to the relationship between the mind and the gut. In this program, you will learn the biology of the intestinal system, how to balance the gut through food and lifestyle, how to boost immunity in prevention of serious diseases, generate a happier mindset, and reduce fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, and depression.

Spiritual Wellness Coach

The Spiritual Wellness Coach helps clients tap into their inner guidance to discover a limitless source of intuition and inspiration, available to each and every one of us.  By deepening their connection with the Divine, an individual achieves a higher octave of healing.

The goal of Spiritual Wellness is to help individuals find balance and harmony between Body, Mind and Spirit so they feel confidence in joyfully pursuing their unique purpose and passions.

In this course, you will discover many fascinating tools and techniques that operate far beyond our limited perspective.  Spiritual Wellness coaching candidates will delve into many multi-dimensional disciplines and approaches to healing, while also learning how to apply this new-found knowledge to one’s own evolutionary path.

Cannabis and CBD Therapy

Natural Wellness Academy’s Cannabis Coach Certification Program

A New Frontier in Medical Research

It’s a truly exciting time, with breakthrough treatments discovered virtually every day.  Just 20 years ago, scientists discovered the Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that has a synergistic relationship with the more than 100 natural healing compounds found in cannabis.  In fact, the human body has thousands of endocannabinoid receptors throughout the brain, organs, and nervous, immune, respiratory and digestive systems.

Researchers have already developed trailblazing cannabis therapies for pain management, cancer, gastrointestinal, arthritis, anxiety, appetite, diabetes, sleep disorders, PTSD and many, many other diseases and ailments and psychological issues.  Many of these therapies are more effective than toxic pharmaceuticals, without the harmful side effects.  Medical marijuana has even show efficacy treating opioid addiction.

Growing Demand for Trained Professionals

The Natural Wellness Academy Online Cannabis Coaching Programs teach you how to properly use and administer this truly dynamic, disease-fighting weapon.

Whether you want to create a lucrative professional career helping others improve their lives or would like to help you and your loved ones benefit from this miraculous plant, the Natural Wellness Academy Cannabis Coaching Programs provide cutting edge information, training and mentoring.

Love, Sex,  and Relationships


The Center for Personal Reinvention Certified Relationship Coaching Program was designed to make learning from your own home, at your own pace, easy, convenient AND affordable!

With our program you can learn to coach and guide others to enhance their relationships in all areas without spending tens of thousands of dollars attending seminars and paying exorbitant fees and while saving precious time. You can learn at your own pace and go through all the educational information in a manner that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Many successfully take the program with the solitary intention of learning these life-impacting principles to improve their own relationship!



Certified Business Coach

This course is designed to help those interested in learning about and developing a successful coaching business from the ground up. The course is structured to give you a core understanding of business principles and how you can teach them to others to help them succeed.

Mastering these techniques will enable you to have people compensate you for your business knowledge and strategic planning abilities.

Whether you’re already running a successful business and want to develop the ability to teach and coach others or you are brand new to business, this course will provide you with everything you need to run a successful business coaching operation.


Self Esteem

What would your life look like if  you knew you could not fail?

  • Would you start a new business or expand a current business?
  • Would you attract a warm, loving, and passionate soul-mate?
  • Would you expand your circle of friends and hobbies to live a life filled with joy and passion?
  • Would you do whatever it took to enhance your health and reinvent your appearance?
  • Would you attract others to you in a charismatic and personally powerful manner to change
    your life and theirs?
  • Would you become wealthy and use your abundance to not only impact her own life but contribute to the lives of those you care about or the causes you wished to champion?
  • Would you immerse yourself into personal development and inspire others to live their best lives?
  • Would you travel the world, living a grand adventure of exploration and discovery?
  • Would you inspire those you love with your actions?
  • Would you simply have a ton of fun?

In short, when your self-confidence increases, you realize that you have the ability to live from a declaration of the person you decided to be, displaying the qualities you wish to be known for because you have the ability to live your best life deliberately and on purpose!

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