All courses are provided digitally via live or prerecorded webinar and at select TBA locations all over the USA.

IACCCE partners with HarmonyUs Inc. and The Sanctuary Center of Tampabay as their flagship classroom.

All locations meet with federal ADA guidelines.

Information showing compliance with relevant local safety and health standards, such as fire, building, and sanitation is available for the students per their written request to [email protected]

Mailing Address

The Barrister’s Building
The Sanctuary Center
505 East Jackson Street Ste. 211
Tampa, FL 33602

Parking and Transportation

At The Sanctuary Center, There are a number of parking options from street to garage parking, located directly outside or within walking distance from the facilities.

There are also several forms of alternative and public transportation available including a bus stop, a Downton trolley stop, taxi cabs, and Über and Lift are available 24 hours a day.


For those traveling out of town, there are several affordable hotels located in the area and AirBnB is also a reasonable option.

All of these services are taken into account when booking seminars outside of Tampabay.


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