Purpose and Goals


Our primary goal is to provide quality continuing education courses, certification programs, and non-credit seeking workshops, intensives, and mentorships using the latest technology and tools for providing professionals and the general public a cost-effective form of education on cutting edge mental health, business, and sexuality education.


Academic Quality To ensure quality instruction and academic support, IACCCE encourages continuing education and growth in its staff and faculty.

Faculty and Student-Centered Services IACCCE enhances student-centered services and processes through evaluation and problem solving regularly.

Innovative Culture IACCCE desires to support and encourage its students to be innovators and leaders of progressive forms of problem solving in the community.

Faculty and Staff Continuous Growth Strengthen employee commitment, training, accountability, and compensation.

Fiscal and Resource Responsibility IACCCE ensures financial, physical, and technological resources are adequate to support educational programs in a way that remains fiscally responsible but continues to maintain our institutional mission.

Community Engagement Optimize community partnerships and outreach through education, volunteering, and outreach.

Communication IACCCE strives to continuously enhance the communication and outreach of marketing and educational materials that adequately represent our institution.

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