How to transform your car into an office

How to transform your car into an office

With many offices shut down, people desperate for privacy are working from their cars. 

I know someone who drives to the coast every morning to start the day with a view. And the New York Times recently wrote about people camping out in parking lots to snag free WiFi. 

“If you work from home, everyone is looking for some space and isolation,” Adam Tacey, a Nissan vehicle engineer, told Mashable. “Your vehicle offers a good bubble.”

Here are a few tips on how turn your car into your own personal office. 

How to connect WiFi in your car

If you have a strong WiFi network that reaches your driveway or garage, you’re set. Otherwise, head to a WiFi zone near a library or other public space, or prepare to tether to your laptop to your smartphone or a mobile hotspot.  Read more…

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