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Online Delivery Information

Online Delivery Explanation Pursuant to Rule 6E-2.0041, F.A.C. Delivery of Programs through Nontraditional Assessments, Modes and Methods.

IACCCE uses the WP Coursify e-learning platform and Zoom Platform.

Student Orientation: Upon registration, all students are provided with a contract. Upon signing and acceptance of the contract, students will be provided with orientation instructions for attending classes via the Zoom and WP Coursify e-lkearning platform, accessing electronic copies of all materials used in class, students activity logs containing the classes they have attended, payments, and balance information are updated regularly and are accessible in their personal student portal.

Students will also access and complete online evaluations for each completed course.

The program catalogue is online and accessible to all students.

The distribution of materials:
Materials for each class are stored on the classroom portal or in the Tools Library.

Examination and evaluation of student work: The Zoom platform allows multiple users to interact. Students will be able to sit with examiners in realtime. Students will be evaluated throughout the program during the supervision/case consultation sessions. Quizzes and other assessments are proctored via the e-courisfy platform

Timely response to students’ questions and comments: Students may ask questions and make comments during class and during supervision/case consultation. They may also email the instructors and a response will be given within 24 hours. Students are provided with instructors’ phone numbers and may call or text at any time.

Following our corporate values of Open Source development and advocacy, IACCCE also utilizes and contributes to Open Source library databases, which provide access to books, clinical research journal articles, and many other forms of digital media. Please see Digital Library for the Open Source Links.

Each Department also has a Faculty developed students tools library for students

IACCCE, in partnership with HarmonyUs Inc. Sanctuary Center, has an onsite lending media center where students may check out resources or use our equipment to utilize these tools.

IACCCE maintains a workshop archive of courses, programs, and interviews available to program students via our digital media center.

Troubling Shooting or Questions: Please email our IT department at [email protected]


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