2017 FMHCA Annual Conference and Webinar Series

Working with Kinky Clients 

FMHCA Working With Kinky Clients

2018 FMHCA Annual Conference

Rituals Contracts and Protocols

Patsy Evans - 2018 FMHCA - Rituals Contracts and Protocols

BDSM Contract

BDSM contract

Open Relationship Contract


Monogamous Relationship Contract


2018 FMHCA Annual Conference

Intimate Partner Violence in Special Populations

intimate partner violence


2019 FMHCA Annual Conference

Professional Ethics in Special Populations

AMHCA Code of Ethics

AMHCA Code of Ethics

AMFTA Code of Ethics

Attachment D_Code of Ethics

ACA Code of Ethics


ACA Guide to Ethical Decision Making


Ethics Presentation Reference List

2019 FMHCA Professional Ethics in Special Populations Reference List

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