Miracle Max R.I.P.

I got word this week that an old friend of mine passed away. Max was a Labrador retriever cross that came to me as a youngster years ago after suffering a horrific wound on his leg. He had three options, amputation, euthanasia…or a miracle. We opted for choice number three and depended on God’s amazing herbs and Max’s amazing, joyful love of life to pull him through. 

You can read the story Here.

To this day I often find myself thinking about Miracle Max. He taught me some wonderful lessons about healing and the power of plants. The lessons learned from Max have blessed the lives of many hundreds of dogs, cats and humans who have suffered terrible wounds and have been able to follow the path he blazed to healing and happiness. We were all lucky to know him.

Max was a singularly happy and loving fellow who never met a face that didn’t need licking or a tennis ball that didn’t need fetching. I was blessed to know him and will miss him. But I also cheer him on as he now journeys to a whole new world full of angels that need their faces washed. :0)

Doc Jones

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