The mission of IACCCE is to develop and implement an innovative, high-quality, boutique style education for both the general public and healthcare or business professionals.

We provide a variety of programs, resources, and individual courses that cover the areas of mental health, business health, and sexual health.



We are committed to a Socratic, inquiry stance toward teaching, research, and service as we develop and implement innovations in the service of our mission.

Those innovations include, but are not limited to, strategic uses of cutting edge instructional technologies and dynamic analytic research design and methodologies.


IACCCE’s core values represent its qualities; its beliefs and its aspiration to do its very best work in supporting our educational culture of collaboration, connection, and compassion.


IACCCE empowers both the professional and individual through affordable, accessible, and professional education. Our programs and workshops empower the mental health professional and individuals to be a voice of influence in the community. Our school is also committed to empowering the individual who desires personal and professional insight and growth or companies who desire to influence their culture in a positive way.

Inclusion and Collaboration

IACCCE fulfills its mission most effectively when it collaborates with professionals who believe every person, regardless of their disability; race, ethnicity, gender, age and economic status have the right and responsibilities to full potential in our society.

We believe that every person must be valued as an individual deserving respect and bringing a unique retinue of assets, including different abilities, culture, race, class, gender, religious tradition, sexual orientation, practical experience, formal educational, and political affiliation.

We value a broad range of research perspectives, methodologies, and agendas.


IACCCE aspires to reach out and connect with providers, the public, and clients.

Justice and Advocacy

We are committed to addressing social and educational injustice, including issues of equity, through action and advocacy informed by honest analysis of research findings. We recognize that in order to be effective, advocacy must extend into discourse communities beyond the profession. For this reason, we support respect for civil discourse and dissent.

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