Reactive Vs. Proactive: The Philosophical Dichotomy of Health Care

A few months ago I wrote a blog article called The Turf War and Idealogical Tribalism. It expressed my thoughts on the importance and value of both modern medicine and traditional medicine and how both sides would do well to be more open minded and cooperative. 

I mention this to emphasize that my intent in expressing the ideas of this article isn’t to bash the medical profession. My point is to illustrate one aspect of traditional medicine that is different; one that both modern medicine and traditional medicine would do well to emphasize more in our efforts to serve those in our care. 

I recently watched a movie documenting the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria called 93 Days. At the time, Liberia was having a terrible Ebola epidemic and losing thousands of lives. When a Liberian diplomat arrived in Nigeria and became sick, the Nigerians, largely due to the courage and wisdom of a small group of physicians at the hospital where he was admitted, took steps to identify everyone he’d been in contact with and set up monitoring and quarantine protocols to prevent the spread of the disease. As a result of these excellent measures, only 20 people in Nigeria were infected with Ebola and only eight died, most of whom where physicians and nurses who had attended the sick Liberian diplomat. Ninety three days later, Nigeria was declared free of Ebola.  

One of the things that struck me, as I watched the film, was the sad resignation of the exposed physicians and hospital staff once they determined that they had been exposed to this terrible disease. They quarantined themselves and took their temperatures several times a day….and waited.

Once infection was confirmed, their training and tools were immediately employed. They had excellent protocols for preventing the spread of the disease among the people of Nigeria. They had tools for treating the sick. But they had no tools whatsoever to proactively prepare their bodies for the virus’s assault. 

In our current situation with the Coronavirus Covid-19, the modern medical profession has employed similar strategies. They have instituted protocols to slow the spread of the disease. They have used their considerable skills and medical technology to preserve the lives of many who would surely have died without it. They have experimented with pharmaceuticals and have begun research exploring vaccine development. But they are missing a vital piece of the puzzle, immune stimulation and anti-viral phytochemicals. 

We don’t have to passively wait for illness to take hold in our bodies. We can proactively arm and prepare our bodies for the conflict.  There are a number of herbs that stimulate immune function. Research shows that herbs like Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Garlic, Siberian Ginseng and numerous others have powerful effects on the immune system. They enhance its functions and help the body to naturally prevent and eradicate bacterial and viral pathogens. 

These plants and several others are used in our formula Immunity Support. You can see the other ingredients of the formula here:

Immunity Support

Many herbs also have direct anti-viral activity. Elder, St. John’s Wort, Chaparral and even Parsley have been shown to have activity against corona viruses. Mullein has activity against a number of respiratory pathogens as well…no, it’s not just for coughs. There are countless other herbs with these sorts of anti-viral effects. A number of them comprise our formulas INFXN-Shoo Floo and Cold Away. 

You can see the ingredients of these formula here:

INFXN-Shoo Floo

Cold Away

These formulas, and a number of others, make up our Respiratory Preparedness Kit.

Respiratory Preparedness Kit

The ability to stimulate immunity and the power to impede viral replication and function or even kill viruses directly are remarkable, proactive tools in the fight against viral infection. I and hundreds of my clients have used the power of herbs to stimulate immunity in a proactive, preventative way. At the first signs of illness or, better yet, at the first possibility or likelihood of exposure to an illness, immunity-stimulating herbs and herbal anti-virals can be employed to prevent or to minimize infections. 

Modern medicine is only in the infancy of creating immune-stimulating and effective anti-viral medications. I’m sure that in the future doctors and researchers will develop effective tools to take on a more proactive, less reactive approach to wellness. They’re clever folks have a genuine desire to help people. 

In the mean time, we can use the remarkable immune stimulants and anti-virals prepared for us eons ago by The Great Healer himself.

If and when modern medicine catches up in these prophylactic and preventative areas, we may even find that the herbs still offer some advantages and abilities that pharmaceuticals can’t replicate. It wouldn’t be the first time. 

So, don’t sit and wait for illness to get well established before you engage in counter measures. Start the counter measures early to stimulate immunity or to have anti-virals on board already when a virus tries to attack your body. It can make all the difference.

Doc Jones

HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine



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