Undercover Herbalism: How to Get Medicinal Plants Into the Kiddos!

So, you've arrived at the point in your life where you understand the remarkable benefits of using herbs for a variety of life's ills. You're full of evangelical zeal to share your new herbal friends with your loved ones and excitedly await the opportunity to save someone you love from whatever it is that ails them. 


Then it happens, your child comes down with a cold. You excitedly and lovingly prepare a wonderful herbal remedy and administer it. Then you step back ready to bask in the gratitude and joy expressed by your little one. But, as you watch, you see something very different. The little nose starts to wrinkle...the brow furrows in discontent...and the face screws itself into an expression of revulsion as your little cherub spits the medicine out with protestations and strong opinions about the flavors and textures. 


Crestfallen, you explain to the little angel how good the remedy is, how it will make her feel better, how wonderful the plants are.


Nothin' doin'!

She ain't havin' it! 


Never Fear! As the father of 15 children, I have some experience in these matters. 


It is, in fact possible to get herbs into children and...

...wait for it...

Have them actually ask for more!


The video below is a presentation I've done to help you get herbs into the kiddos. And, believe it or not, these same techniques have even been used for more serious cases...the recalcitrant husband! 


We also have a wonderful little Now Yer Cookin' With Herbs Kit


that accompanies the video. It contains all of the herbs, recipes and dry ingredients you'll need to follow along and make these wonderful recipes for your own family. 

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Enjoy the presentation!


Doc Jones

HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine 


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